Thursday, 25 December 2008

t'is the season to be jolly? evidently not.

great start to the day. wake up hanging from last night, burger in the bed and what seemed to be permanently attached to my face, the smell increasingly making me want to vomit and a headache worse than any other.
walk downstairs like a proverbial idiot "merry christmas, mum", i'm looked in disdain, "is it?", comes the reply.
jesus, what the fuck did i do?
it could be to do with the fact that i came in about 3am making nothing but noise or it could be the fact that we were having 2 of the most annoying, hard to please people coming round for xmas dinner. or it could have been both. that aside, i was clearly hated this morning. and this was confirmed by constant jibes all morning which resulted in me copping, sulking in my room and being a complete cunt.
present rocked though, guitar hero : world tour is the tits although i told mother to take it back, something which i quickly re-thought.
i'm so fickle.

luckily, things picked up and after a disastrous start, christmas really was quite good. a dinner the size of africa and a cocktail of sambuca, wine and grappa sorted me out and now i'm feeling unsurprisingly sick.

as everyone says they hope you had a good christmas, i hope you had a shit one.




  1. burger again? we are rtoo similar. ' hey babe' hahahah gadar

  2. Hahaha how hilarious! You're too funny Renny.

    (It's Hardip btw)